Trapped in Eternity Poem with Reading by Jordan

Trapped in Eternity By Jordan R. Mencher

I don’t know, where it went, why am I still here? Did I witness such event that stabbed my soul with fear? It seems as though I float, my body feels so light The past becomes, so remote, such emptiness is fright Frantic, I can’t find my hands; my arms, my legs are gone No skin, no bones, nor organs, glands; the truth begins to dawn At first I think that I am dead but something says I’m not It’s something else, grotesque instead, something I forgot What cosmic horror did I see that made my mind leave home? My retching soul is now set free, but nowhere can I roam Oh god, I think I know! I’m trapped, without a hope There’s nowhere I can go; no longer can I cope I now remember well, our universe destroyed There isn’t even hide nor hell, there’s only empty void And I must stay forever in dreaded emptiness I’m in the never ever, but not emotionless So I will mourn past doomsday the loss of all that was And fear will make me still pray, surprised that it still does And actually, it’s no wonder that fear is now my friend

For everything else went under I know—I saw the whole thing end!

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