Joia Mencher-Spivey

When I think of my dad, I think of a childhood enriched with lively music and singing. We would frequently gather together in the living room, Dad playing his guitar or the piano. We would sing for hours, sometimes singing all of the songs from his favorite albums at the time, such as Cat Stevens, or The Who. He also had a favorite collection of folk songs that he would sing with us each night before bedtime. We absolutely loved the nighttime music ritual. Finally, he composed beloved songs for each of us when we were small children and sang them for us throughout our childhood.

Dad had a great love of football that he passed on to us. We loved the excitement of watching the games with him and then throwing the football together. His enthusiasm made the games larger than life. He started playing football with us when we were as young as 3 years old and continued doing so, well into our teenage years. The love of the game endured for years for him and for us.

Dad had a passion for nature and the breathtaking mountains in Colorado that he shared with us. We went on many gorgeous, memorable, mountain- trail hikes together as well as exciting horseback riding excursions. Dad would wear his trademark cowboy hat and his joy was infectious.

Benjamin Mencher

Pops, The Leader of the Band

I love and miss you Pops!  My earliest memories of my Pops are precious times at the beach when happy times stood still.  Pops, thank you for being present and sharing precious moments with me, teaching me guitar and piano, singing and playing music together, passing the football while sharing stories, hiking through gorgeous mountains and forests, adventuring to the Rocky Mountains, chopping wood, playing parcheesi and card games nightly, watching football and hockey game, showing a love for trees and mother nature, knowing how to enjoy life in a committed yet playful way, teaching me the value of education and spiritual connection, helping me to understand the importance of goals, always believing in me and my talents, loving his grandchildren, loving his children, always believing in dreams, and celebrating life to the fullest.

Love, your son,


A Poem from Jordy’s beloved cousin, Jeanette Hedayati:

Here is a poem I (Jeanette) wrote many years ago when another cousin passed away. I hope that it brings some peace as it was inspired from Scriptures and particularly from the Writings of Baha’u’llah:

The Soul of Man

A bird in a cage flying around,

Confined by the structure in which it is bound,

Breathes in the air and sings its sweet songs,

Relying on the owner to which it belongs

The soul of man is like the bird in a cage,

Connected to a body for its work on this stage,

Moving around in the world of creation,

Dependent on others for its growth and elevation.

Yet independent and free man’s spirit remains,

Unaffected by change in this worldly domain.

For if one should lose a limb of his body,

His spirit stays whole and undivided.

He still thinks and dreams and plans ahead,

His soul is alive though a limb may be dead.

Reflect on the dream in which you see and move,

Though your body be still and your eyes be closed.

The dream is a mystery, a clue to man’s soul,

That matter is not everything, our life has a goal.

For each person is a seed meant to bring forth fruit,

To give happiness to others and glorify his Spiritual Root.

The soul now released from its bodily cage

Soars in a realm beyond our mortal gaze.

Yet close in our hearts, in our thoughts and our prayers,

In mysterious ways we connect every day.


Baby Jordan: 1932
Jordan with granddaughter, Daisy Mencher: 2017
Jordan with son, Vincent: 2006
Jordan playing Yatzee with granddaughter, Summer, and her husband, Jon. 2018
Jon, Summer, Jordan, Pamela: 2016
Jordan, granddaughter, Rachel, Daughter, Rosanne: 2009
Jordan and Cousin, Gene as children: 1934?
Jordan and Gene: goofy
Jordan, granddaughter, Daisy, Daughter, Stephanie. 2015
Jordan with family in Portland, OR: 2011
Jordan with granddaughter Daisy in 2011
Jordan with granddaughter, Summer in 2009
Jordan with daughter, Rosanne in 2009
Jordan with granddaughter, Rachel in 2010
Daughter, Rosanne with Jordan: 2010
Jordan with granddaughter, Daisy: 2011
Mencher family in Portland, OR in 2011
Daughter Stephanie, Jordan, Granddaughter Daisy: 2019


Jordan singing with granddaughter, Summer: 2009
Jamruszka Family: Jordan & Pamela's 35th Wedding Anniversary
Jamruszka Family: Jordan & Pamela’s 35th Wedding Anniversary
Jordan and Pamela:2009
Jordan and Pamela:2009
Jordan and Pamela with John & Jan Wilson, Aunties Judy & Miriam: 2015
Jordan and Pamela with John & Jan Wilson, Aunties Judy & Miriam: 2015
Jordan with Cathy and Jan: 2015
Jordan with Cathy and Jan: 2015
Dana, grandson, Nakai, Jordan.1998
Dana, grandson, Nakai, Jordan.1998


Jamruszka Family: 2009
Jamruszka Family: 2009


Brother in law, John with Jordan: Jordan's 90th Birthday
Brother in law, John with Jordan: Jordan’s 90th Birthday


Jamruszka Family: 2015
Jamruszka Family: 2015


Jordan and nephew, Jeff 2015
Jordan and nephew, Jeff 2015


Jamruszka Clan: Mom's 75th Birthday
Jamruszka Clan: Mom’s 75th Birthday
Jordan with Cat Emily.2015
Jordan with Cat Emily.2015
Jordan with Nephews: 2010
Jordan with Nephews: 2010
Jordan with Steve's family
Jordan with Steve’s family
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“Business ad”